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Steeriously Released

Posted by Mark on Sunday December 10th, 2017 at 1:15pm



At the time of this writing (December 10th, 2017), Steeriously version 0.1 is posted to github. Having bought the excellent book "Programming AI by Example" by Mat Buckland, I was inspired to run with the steering code provided in the book and boil it down to a pure C++ library. That said, all credit goes to Mat Buckland for the code and for the great explanations provided in his book. It should also be noted that steering behaviors were developed and popularized by the work of Craig Reynolds.

I am not the first to port or use the code, in fact there is a Java port available as well. Enough preamble...so what is Steeriously exactly?

A dead-simple pure C++ library for adding steering behaviors to your game and multimedia entities.
Here is some footage of the current state of Steeriously:

This library will endow game entities with life-like qualities. The current state of the project is that it simply works. There is still a lot of refactoring and probably redesign to be done, but it is renderer-agnostic. Since it is pure C++ with little to no modern (C++11/C++14/C++17) features, it should already work well with most codebases. I plan to optimize eventually, but first I need to settle on a good design that makes that easier and more effective.

That said, I highly recommend that you tinker with the code. I have included an example that works with SFML, SDL and GLFW (context creation and raw OpenGL) will be following closely. There is documentation available, but it is pretty much just generated from header files. I plan to supplement the documentation with some examples. As always, thanks for reading. ;)

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